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Game of Jewels

got 3     got 9 Striped agate 19th century pendant

Every time I tune into Game of Thrones, I’m struck by a few things, the sheer brutal, barbaric nature of it, the brilliant conniving manipulative characters and…the jewelry!

The show takes place in a fantasy world with no direct correlation to any one particular time in history. Instead it is more of an amalgam of elements from different periods. George R.R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire, on which Game of Thrones is based, has admitted to reading everything he can find about medieval history. However, along with Medeival influences, there are also Victorian and Gothic touches in the costumes and jewelry.

got 7  got 8 Multicolor 19th century agate bracelet

One particular style of Victorian jewelry that seems very Game of Thrones to me is, Scottish Agate jewelry.  “Gothic and Celtic Revivals were already well under way when Queen Victoria ascended the throne. Her own romantic attachment to ancient and medieval history was certainly influential in furthering the public’s preoccupation of the past.

got 4   got 11  Scottish agate 19th brooch

In 1848, after Queen Victoria purchased Balmoral , a castle in Scotland, everyone became enamored of Scottish motifs. Circular Scottish plaid pins, heraldic crests, dirks and claymores (knives and swords), thistles and St. Andrew’s crosses (Scottish national emblems), were all made into jewelry.” (1)  These jewels  we’re most often set with opaque stones in earth tone colors, such as red and orange jasper, bloodstone, striped agate, malachite, as well as citrine and amethyst.

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(1) Christie Romero, Warman’s Jewelry, Identification and Price Guide (Iola: Krause, 2002), 47

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Ship Ahoy

ships ahoy

Woo hoo!! The website is officially up & running as of today!!!!   Take a peek –

I built it myself. That’s right, rolled up my sleeves, put on the ol’ tool belt, hooked up my caffeine iv. Didn’t know I had it in me. Sure, I used an “easy” do – it – yourself website builder, but I’m a tech reject. Nothing is easy, and if you’ve ever attempted to use one of those things, you know what I mean. I’m a paper and pen kind of girl, I’ll take a notebook over the computer any day!!

So far, there are three categories – Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings. I’m working on some rings and I’ll be adding new pieces weekly. I can also do custom pieces, and customize a lot of the pieces that are already on the website. So, drop me a line if you have any questions or ideas –  Angela .

The pieces I create are heavily influenced by the jewelry of the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Nouveau periods, along with a rock n’ roll edge and tongue in cheek sensibility. Also inspired by the religious art and architecture of Europe I’ve experienced on my travels, I appreciate the beauty of religious icons.

I try to interpret my many influences in a casual, wearable way, to easily integrate my pieces with your unique style. The one of a kind jewels I create incorporate bits and pieces of vintage jewelry and findings. I believe in taking broken, discarded things from the ashes and giving them a new life. Reuse, recycle, repurpose.

From the Ashes Vintage Jewels Creating Modern Heirlooms With Edge – Antique and Vintage Inspired One of a Kind Creations



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Bad Gift On Board

3d 2 push_button_for babyl

“Push” presents, God how I hate that term. It just conjures up a horrendous series of images in my head. How about the old standby – baby gift, that still works.

Anyway, I have a friend who’s expecting her third child. Her husband recently called asking my opinion on the push baby gift he planned to give her. A locket. Really, for the third time? Who needs three floral engraved lockets, and why does every guy think once a woman gets knocked up she suddenly losses all sense of who she is and morphs into some kind of mindless mommy drone who thinks yellow gold heart shaped lockets are the absolute height of fashion?

If he still insists on giving her yet another locket, I suggested something a hell of a lot more interesting, like the piece below. Now that is pretty freaking fantastic. An antique, 19c. Victorian gold locket with fringe and seed pearls. You can still stick a pic of the kid inside, but it’s got a bit of rock n’ roll edge and none of the other mommies will have the same one!

FringeNecklace When I worked at a high end estate jeweler on Madison ave, I was constantly and usually pretty successfully pushing the Dads- to- be in a more diamondy direction than a gold locket. Because I know, if another human being came out of me, all Alien style, I’d need a diamond about the size of an old school crystal doorknob.

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