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Metaphor For Love?

parrot pearl2A friend of mine, who has been a jewelry collector for years recently decided it was time to clean out her closet. Well, she found this necklace and thought maybe I could take it apart and use the pieces to make something new, because I try to incorporate vintage findings and other bits of old jewelry into my pieces whenever possible.

My jewelry collection ( is inspired by antique and vintage jewelry and I love to lend my jewelry a bit of history and make each one a unique, one of a kind jewel.

This necklace is from the 1970’s, from a company called Parrot Pearls. They we’re based in San Fransisco and we’re known for these (I think, really strange) ceramic necklaces. I didn’t know what to do with this thing, I still don’t really.

But, I pick it up everyday, and realized just this morning that it may be a metaphor for life and love. Or, I might just be really jaded! The heart is broken and the groom is missing a leg! I mean c’mon it’s hilarious!

She found the broken pieces a few days ago, but I like it better this way. A groom with a missing limb and a busted up heart! Well, on that note happy Valentines Day, and sure hope you get lucky because that’ll make at least one of us!


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Gifts From the Heart


Now, I know this isn’t the most exciting photo and it’s definitely not an impressive piece of jewelry.  It’s an old, dented, scratched, gold filled locket, the gold is even  wearing off in a few spots. It looks like something you’d find at the bottom of a shoebox full of broken crap at a flea market.  It’s not much to look at, but it is the most romantic gift I ever received.

It belonged to my college boyfriend’s grandmother. Apparently she wore it for years and there’s even an indentation from where he bit into it as a baby. You can still see the remnants of an old photograph of him that was once carried inside, close to her heart. The boyfriend was from Paris, and I imagine his grandmother shopping at their neighborhood market in Montmarte, stopping at the cafe,  going to mass at Sacre Coeur,  just going about her life and wearing her locket.

locket 2 I treasure this piece for the story behind it , the thought that was put into it and the memories of a very happy time in my life.

What was the most romantic gift you’ve ever received, for Valentines day, or any other time? Leave a comment, I’d love to know!

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Pinky Tuscadero

morganite heart

Pink diamonds. Which one of us wouldn’t want one of those? But, the real question is, who could actually afford one? A better option for most of us, especially, if you buy your own jewelry (like I always do, unfortunately) is Morganite. Morganite is a gorgeous pale, peachy, blush pink color, that is affordable and often found in large sized stones.

I’m going to try not to get too gemologisty on you, but it is part of the Beryl family of gemstones. This is really interesting (ok, maybe I just find it interesting because I’m secretly a gemology nerd), because the most well known Beryl stones are Emerald and Aquamarine,( which are green and blue) and could’nt be further from Morganite. They are often referred to as pink Emeralds or pink Beryl and have been found in Brazil, Madagascar and Namibia, among others. “The gem entered the American market in 1911 when Tiffany & Co. introduced it and named it in honor of J.P. Morgan.” (1)

The sherbety pink stones look especially yummy set into rose gold, like my ring above, because it helps to intensfy the color. I’m usually NEVER a heart person, meaning I don’t like heart shaped jewelry and stones, but I fell in love with the color (and you will too) and just had to have it. There’s no better time of the year than Valentines Day to check it out, and while you’re at it –

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Oh, and I couldn’t resist the Pinky Tuscadero reference, being a life long Happy Days fan!!



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Seeing Red

loose rubiesWith Valentine’s day right around the corner (guys are you listening?), I’m inspired by everything red and frilly, and rubies are definitely on that list. Rubies are one of the most beloved gemstones in the world and are often referred to as one of “the big three” precious gemstones, which are rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

Who wouldn’t love a big honking ruby for Valentine’s day, (or any day for that matter!)? Some of the most beautiful rubies in the world have historically come from Burma, now called Myanmar. The most highly prized color of Burmese rubies is referred to as “Pigeon’s Blood”. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford one of these jewels, so there are alternative red gems to set your heart a-flutter!

big ruby ring

Throughout history, may famous red stones that we’re once thought to be rubies, we’re later proven to be spinel. Probably, the most famous example is the Black Prince’s Ruby, set in the British Royal Crown Jewels. Actually, at one point in time all red gemstones we’re thought to be rubies, until advances we’re made in gemological testing. Wow! I just said gemological testing, I’m really nerding out today!! Fine, I’m actually a closet geek, guess the secret’s out!

Spinel, red especially, isn’t easy to find at retail. But, another much more common red gemstone is garnet. Often, garnet is found in stores in a brownish red variety called Almandite. However, “Pyrope garnet is the most famous of the red garnets. It’s dark, blood red color is attractive, distinct and attractive, often resembling the color of ruby.” (1)

Then, there are also things like, dyed and color coated quartz and topaz, which are super cheap and can come in any color of the rainbow.

So happy shopping, whatever the budget may be!

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Hey Sugar

ring pop

Jewelry and candy all rolled into one, now that is the perfect gift giving combination, no? Remember how much fun ring pops were? I’d always feel so fancy running around with that giant, sparkly, faceted rock on my tiny little hand (not much has changed!).  Okay, so maybe I could have lived without the sticky fingers and bright red tongue.

Give a box of candy to your chick for Valentines Day and she’ll probably think, great, I have to eat this because he gave it to me and I don’t want him to feel bad, but it’s just going to make me feel fat,  of course deep down inside, I really do want to eat this , uh why the hell did he give me chocolate???

On the other hand, give her jewelry  and that’s great…IF she likes what you picked out. But, you should at least make the effort. Please don’t be one of those guys that are too afraid of making the wrong choice, so they just choose not to buy anything sparkly for their lady love (which has always been my experience with boyfriends).

So, if you give her candy jewelry, she can wear it, or if she doesn’t like the way it looks, she can just eat it! Problem solved!

candy necklace

I recently found a cute shop in the East Village called Ame Ame ( and the owner sells a really unique mix of beautiful umbrellas, imported candy by the 1/4 pound and some fantastic gift and jewelry pieces. Check it out next time your in the neighborhood!

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Keep It Simple Boys


Jewelry, chocolate, perfume, yoga mat…YOGA MAT??? That’s right, one year I received a yoga mat for Valentines Day. That same boyfriend later gave me a pillow, salad chopping kitchen shears (yeh, think it was an “as seen on tv” thing), a computer and a heart rate monitor for other holidays. I know, you’re probably wondering why I stuck around after the yoga mat, I guess I was hopeful.

His reasoning behind all of these super romantic, oh- so- sentimental gifts was that since I was a Gemologist and worked in the jewelry business he couldn’t possibly buy me any jewelry! WHAT??? That’s insane!!! Yeh, why would you give the girl who’s crazy about jewelry, spends all day around it, eat, sleeps and dreams about it, any jewelry???

Just keep it simple boys. Don’t over think the gift giving, and don’t try to be too original. Stick to the classics, and jewelry is a classic for a reason, WE ALL LOVE IT!!!! The big jewelry companies have already done the work for you, now you just have to fork over some cash.

Diamonds studs are always a great choice, but incase you aren’t sure if she has her ears pierced, you can never go wrong with a pendant or necklace. Bracelets and rings can get tricky too if you aren’t sure about the size she wears. But,feel confident knowing that as long as it’s sparkly and comes in a velvet box you can’t screw up too bad!

Happy shopping, Valentines Day is only two weeks away!

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