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Fleas, the good kind

photo My Romanesque and Statuary necklaces on display at the flea! (

So I woke up bright and early yesterday morning, something I don’t usually do on the weekends. Well, actually I try to never do it, weekend or not! Anyway, I spent the day at Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn hawking my wares.

The market is great, it’s right between Bedford Street which is one of the main shopping and restaurant areas and the Williamsburg Flea at East River State park ( It’s a busy street with lots of action and tons of shoppers.

The only thing was, it had been a really long time since I’ve sold at a flea market and I forgot how it always makes me feel like a zoo animal. You know, you’re on display, lots of people walk over, smile, point. It’s all very odd, really brings those social anxiety issues right to the surface!

Anyway, the market has a great mix of interesting pieces, check it out at ( Most of the offerings are one of a kind designer items and a lot of that is jewelry!

Some of my favorites we’re the brass knuckle pendants and kick ass t’s from Father Panik (

brooklyn t Me in my favorite Father Panik Brass Knuckle Brooklyn Tee and a couple of my necklaces!

Vintage typewriter key cufflinks from Churoncalla (, cool message pendants and key rings from Metal Taboo ( and the edgy double finger rings from Snash Jewelry  (

tooth ring The Cadaver Double Tooth ring from Snash Jewelry

So, next weekend make sure you stop by Artists and Fleas, they’re open Saturdays and Sundays and while you’re in Williamsburg check out Eight of Swords Tattoo ( to see my collection!

And take a look at new pieces just added to the website!!  WWW.FROMTHEASHESVINTAGEJEWELS.COM

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Jewelry Lust

fragmentsIn a city like New York that’s full of interesting stores, with more popping up every day, it’s difficult to narrow it down to one favorite. But, I have and my current obsession is Fragments ( Located in Soho, Fragments is a fantastic store with an eclectic mix of fashion and fine jewelry.

Founder and CEO Janet Goldman has been quoted as saying “I’m attracted to anything sparkly and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll”.  Her design philosophy is apparent in the well curated collections they carry from independent up and coming designers, as well as more established names. Fragments originally started off specializing in high end costume jewelry and gradually added fine jewelry to the mix.

They now feature over 50 designers and pieces ranging from a fun $60 faceted crystal and macramé bracelet to jaw dropping engagement rings, for couples looking for something other than a six prong Tiffany ( setting.

Some of designers whose pieces I’ve been lusting after are-

Catherine Angiel ( whose collection of dark and moody Goth meets rock n’ roll pieces are all made in New York.

sword earrings

Stella Flame ( with her Byzantine inspired, jewels that look like they we’re found in a far off bazar.

stella flame

Sutra ( whose pieces feature juicy colored opals and other organic shaped gemstone slices have recently been seen on Jennifer Hudson at the 2013 Oscars.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

A visit to Fragments is a must on your next trip to Soho! And so is a visit to my website – – new pieces just added!!

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And next time you’re in Brooklyn, stop by Eight of Swords ( in Williamsburg to check out my collection up close and personal.


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Green with Envy

ringThe Fall 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion week may have just come to a close, but most of us are just gearing up for Spring 2013. And, according to Pantone (THE color people) Emerald Green is all the rage for the upcoming season. With that in mind I was inspired to start thinking about new green spring jewelry. A beautiful green gemstone that doesn’t generally get a lot of love is Chrysoprase.

“Chrysoprase is considered the rarest and most valuable stone in the chalcedony quartz group. That’s quite a distinction considering that the chalcedony species includes agate, chalcedony, onyx, carnelian, bloodstone and jasper. But chrysoprase, it is fair to say, is also the least known of all the chalcedony varieties.” (1)

The unusual gemstone is often seen in a vibrant apple green color, similar to jade. Chrysoprase is generally seen as a cabochon cut (highly polished, non-faceted style of cutting with rounded top) as most translucent and opaque gemstones are.

rough chrysoprase

It is a nice choice for a genuine gemstone if you are looking for a piece in green, that is a little unexpected. Even though Chrysoprase is in the green family, it’s night and day from Emerald. It will definitely prove to be a conversation piece if you wear one out, because most people are not familiar with it. Chrysoprase is not a stone you will find in a mall jewelry store, think more gem show, lapidary, art gallery.


And if you’re looking for something to turn everyone green with envy check me out –

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And don’t forget, stop by 8 of Swords Tattoo at 115 Grand street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They are now carrying my line!! Woohoo!!

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Breakfast at… Costco?

tiffany picBreakfast at Costco probably consists of a greasy sausage/egg/cheese combo on a soggy roll, eaten at a cafeteria table in the food court. It definitely wouldn’t include Audrey Hepburn in a chic black Givenchy delicately nibbling on a pastry, instead think Roseanne Barr in flannel.

So, it’s no surprise what a huge deal it was when Tiffany & Co. found out that Costco had reportedly been selling diamond engagement rings as Tiffany baubles. A customer at a California Costco noticed the in-store signs advertising Tiffany sparklers at discounted prices and she called the blue box jewelers to tip them off. Tiffany estimates that after years of these misleading sales practices, there are potentially thousands of Costco customers that think they own a genuine Tiffany rock.

Well, bet they’re pissed!

In the jewelry industry you will often hear a round diamond in a simple six prong setting referred to as a “Tiffany” setting, but this seems to run a lot deeper. Personally, I’ve never understood the allure of a Tiffany diamond, I mean no one knows what color box it came in when you’re wearing it! Why pay an incredible mark up, just so you can tuck an empty blue box in your underwear drawer for years? The real way to buy a diamond is from a guy in a grungy little office in a walk up building on 47 street.

For the complete story watch this –

And while you’re at it check me out baby!!! –


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