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Pink Cupcakes With Aqua Frosting

shoe pics copyMy friend’s daughter turned four years old on Sunday. So, I sent her what else, but a pink metallic sequined purse and 6 pairs of sparkly little girl dress up shoes! Like jewelry for miniature feet!

This kid is great, she’s absolutely beautiful with her dark hair and big blue eyes. She wears head to toe pink, almost exclusively, she loves jewelry and get this…tattoos! If I had a kid, this is what I would have wanted her to be like, but I probably would have ended up with a backward baseball hat wearing tomboy!

The last time I saw them I was wearing a sparkly aquamarine and diamond bracelet set in white gold. Well, she loved it! When I took my coat off her eyes went right to it, she reached out with her tiny little finger, touched it and said in a very serious voice (for a three and 1/2 year old) “that is a beautiful bracelet”.

bracelet tatto picNow, I don’t know if she has innate good taste, or if she’s just attracted to anything sparkly like most little girls. Could she be a jewelry connoisseur / mini fashionista in training? I certainly hope so!! Then she touched my cupcake tattoo and giggled! Well, that’s it, she has great taste in jewelry and likes my tattoos, I’m sold! I might just have to give her my jewelry collection one day, or at least my aqua bracelet!

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Lucky number 8

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA The Confessional necklace, featuring a textured, open-work vintage pendant and chain

So, I’ve got some exiting news! If you happen to be in Brooklyn, swing by Williamsburg and stop into 8 of Swords Tattoo to check out some of my jewelry ( ). They are carrying a selection of my pieces, including some new designs no one has seen yet, in their jewelry boutique!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA The Sanctuary earring, with vintage 1960’s faceted black drops

8 of swords ( subscribe to their blog while you’re at it too! ), is a combination tattoo studio, art gallery and retail boutique, located at 115 Grand street  in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They have a super talented group of tattoo artists, including owner, Dave C. Wallin, they host a monthly art show and their boutique features a lot of locally made products (Go Brooklyn!) , take a look at Pepper Press ( ) for cool stationery and Mullein and Sparrow ( ) vintage Apothecary.

flapper-for-web Check out this fantastic Flapper piece from the owner of the studio, Dave C. Wallin.

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Heavy Metal

biker hand

So, last night I went to the motorcycle show at the Javits Center and I noticed something interesting, there were more men wearing jewelry than women. I know, strange thing to notice, but jewelry is always the first thing I tune in to regardless of what else is going on around me (“Uh, no officer, I didn’t get the plate number of the car that hit me, but the driver was wearing pearl studs and an 18K yellow gold Cartier watch!).

Usually, jewelry on men is on my big list of NO FXXXING way, do not pass go, do not collect $100 and please don’t talk to me. C’mon guys, leave the bling to us, just keep it simple! The only jewelry a man should ever wear is a watch, a wedding band and cufflinks (if he must wear button down shirts).

biker guy

Now of course, like most rules there are exceptions and here goes – if you’re covered in tattoos and ride  a motorcycle, you can wear whatever the hell you want, preferably two hands full of chunky, nose crushing silver rings.

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To match or not to match?

indian hands

As I was getting ready to meet a friend today I had a fashion dilemma. Do I color coordinate my jewelry with my tattoos or not? I love an armful of jewels, a giant stack of bangles, fingers full of rings. However, as I continue work on my sleeve (which will eventually be a pastel, colorful confection of desserts and candy), I wonder what”s a tattooed jewelry girl to do?

cupcake copy

Do I only wear pastel pieces that match my tattoos, blue topaz, morganite, aquamarine or  do I rock out a black spinel bracelet, sapphire ring and emerald bangle? Is matchy, matchy the way to go? Now, I don’t want to clash. I know you’re probably asking yourself how a girl with a cupcake tattoo on her arm can be worried about clashing with anything, but I definitely think this is something I have to consider.

Now, back to the sapphire ring, that brings up a whole different issue. Hand and finger tattoos. I love them! I think they look great, especially on guys. But, I don’t have any and probably wouldn’t get them done because I’m such a ring girl. LOVE, love, love my rings, the bigger the better!! If I could figure out a way to strap a crystal ashtray on my finger I totally would.

Anyway, I wonder how many other tattooed Jewelry Freaks got dressed today and wondered what jewelry works best with their art, or does it really matter?


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