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Can I See Your ID?

Kim-Kardashian-Celine-ID-bracelet2    rihanna   ID bracelets, the ultimate 1950’s I’ve got a boyfriend (who rides a motorcycle, keeps a pack of Marlboro Reds rolled up in the sleeve of his tight white t shirt and this is his bracelet) and we’re “going steady” piece of Jewelry. Whoa, I was veering off in another direction for a minute. But really, ID bracelets we’re right up there with a guy’s letterman jacket and class ring to catapult you into couple cooldom.

They we’re each a sign of affection, today you’re lucky if you get a “hey what’s up text” after dating someone for a couple of months! But, I’ll save my views on how the internet and technology have screwed up dating and interpersonal relationships for another time.

ID bracelets and necklaces have been popping up all over the place for spring 2013. Especially since Kim Kardashian and Rihanna were both spotted wearing the chunky gold ID necklace from the French design house Celine. That piece has long since sold out all around the world, so I’ve found a few other available and affordable options.

marc jacobs bracelet

ID necklace


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