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The Thrill Of The Hunt

223161935We’ve all got a little predatory nature in us. Thousands of years ago we needed that instinct to survive. Today, we might use it to snag the perfect guy, perfect job or perfect apartment. Or, if you’re like me you use your predatory instincts to make the ultimate acquisition, and then the next and the next.

As any experienced, well versed shopper/collector/jewelry fanatic knows, too much is never enough!

Waiting to pounce until just the right moment, measuring our step and biding our time, skulking around the handbag display and slithering toward the object of your desire, until you pounce. The high only lasts a few weeks or a month at best (depending on the size of my “kill”) and then I need another fix. That’s the thing, no matter how many times I’ve said this is all I want, I don’t want to buy anything else after this, there’s always something else! There is an ever evolving list of things to buy in my head!


So, I guess part of what I’m wondering is, is it just the thrill of the hunt, the stalk, thinking about how it will be to possess the current object of your desire, knowing you can wear it whenever you want, that it’s part of your collection, the moment you swipe your card, or actually wearing your new jewel?

Sometimes for me, just knowing I have something in my jewelry box is enough, then once I have it I’m on to the next thing.

After weeks or months of planning, possibly making multiple trips to see it, imagining how it will feel to own it and what you’ll wear it with, is it just a let down?

The real question is, does a new jewel, shoe or handbag lose some of it’s sparkle after it’s yours?

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