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Doggies in Diamonds and Puppies in Pearls

Carlos in pearls  Carlos wearing a fringe necklace of teardrop freshwater pearls and diamonds!!

A few of my friends have suggested that I should expand my collection to include a line of jewelry for dogs, for a number of reasons –

A- Because I’m a huge animal person, I have two Chihuahuas, Julio and Carlos and Phoebe the cat

B- Because lots of other people are super into their dogs too

C- Crazy dog people spend big bucks on Fido

D- Dog stores have popped up everywhere you look packed with tons of fun designer gear for your pooch

I don’t know, that just isn’t my thing. I don’t dress up my dogs (maybe because they’re both male), with the exception of possibly a sweater when it’s really cold and that’s only if I can get it on without being bitten!  I have a feeling that if they we’re female I would have long since fallen prey to the siren song of pink puppy tutus, but luckily for them that isn’t the case.

CCK-MIAMI_R  If you’re looking for some real doggy jewels check out the Miami Dog Necklace from Doggie Vogue!

Tons of people dress their dogs up every day, just take a look around on Instagram! The hats! The dresses! The booties! And…the jewelry!

When I worked at Fred Leighton ( there were actually a few clients who purchased jewelry for their dogs. Nothing says I have money to burn, quite like buying a diamond tennis bracelet as a collar for your teacup pup, on your afternoon stroll on Madison Avenue!

Well, I was inspired by all of this puppy jewelry chit chat and snapped a few pic of my Dog Carlos wearing some jewels from my personal collection.

Take a look at new pieces just added to the website!!  WWW.FROMTHEASHESVINTAGEJEWELS.COM

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Don’t forget to stop by Eight of Swords Tattoo ( in Williamsburg to check out my collection!

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Spring Cleaning

diamond-backgroundWell, it’s time for spring cleaning and I’m not talking closets. Regularly cleaning your jewelry keeps it bright and sparkly, and that’s why we wear it, right?

Most precious and semi-precious stones can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaning machine, like the ones found in jewelry stores.  However, one major exception is Emeralds. They are softer than many precious gemstones, and often very included. The ultrasonic waves cause vibrations that basically shake the jewelry clean, but they can also enlarge inclusions and can cause the oil that many emeralds are treated with to ooze out. So, the best way to clean emeralds is really just with a damp soft cloth.

Other good options for cleaning jewelry at home are commercial liquid jewelry cleaner, you know the kind in the jar with the little tray and tiny brush, put it in swoosh it around and voila! Good old fashioned mild soapy water and a soft toothbrush work well too.

jewelry cleaner

Other stones require special care because they are porous and the harsh chemicals in most jewelry cleaners can affect them. Pearls, coral, opal and turquoise should generally just be cleaned with a soft damp cloth to preserve their beauty.

An anti-tarnish polishing cloth is an easy way to keep silver, gold and platinum shiny and looking good.

cleaning cloth

A good rule of thumb is to make your jewelry the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off, this is especially important to remember when wearing pearls. Due to their delicate, organic nature many everyday products like makeup, perfume, hairspray and lotion can dull the surface and eat away at the nacre.

New pieces will be on the site soon!!  WWW.FROMTHEASHESVINTAGEJEWELS.COM

Stop by Eight of Swords ( in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to check out the collection up close and personal!!

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Before and After

before copy

January, time for change, a fresh start, cleaning out your closets (literally and figuratively) and of course New Years resolutions, well…uh maybe. I’ve never been good at keeping them, so this year I decided not to even bother making them. But, I did just reorganize all of my jewelry.

Hey, I figured I can have at least one thing in my life under control, right?  Yep, keeping those priorities straight. I’ll take care of the major things like my jewelry and figure out all the little things like, where I want to live and what I want to do with my life whenever I get around to it.

So, back to the important stuff! If you keep your jewels in a jumble (see above- aaaahhhh!!!!), not only is it difficult to see what you have, but pieces can scratch and get broken.  Especially, if you have diamonds mixed in with other stones. Diamonds will scratch any other stone, because everything else is softer. You have to be extra careful with pearls, coral and opal, some of the most easily scratched gemstones.

There are all sorts of things made to store and organize jewelry, anti tarnish zippered pouches, trays with dividers, and T stands wearing evening gowns. The best thing I’ve ever found are the plastic storage boxes from hardware stores with lots of little compartments for nails, screws and

after any other little bits. Some of them even have plastic dividers that are adjustable so you can make some compartments bigger to fit your whole collection!!! I filled two and realized I needed another one. Does that mean I have too much jewelry?  NO WAY!!

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