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Hi, My Name Is

carrie-400x400 Sarah Jessica Parker wearing the iconic Patricia Field “Carrie” necklace on Sex and The City

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As I was going through some old photos, simultaneously amazed and horrified at all of my 80’s fabulousness I was inspired for a flashback Friday blog about nameplates necklaces. Yeh, I know it’s Saturday, so I’m a little late.

If you grew up in New York in the 1980’s you know exactly what I’m talking about and you might still have one hidden in the back of your jewelry box. Long before Sex and The City was even a column in the NY Observer and Patricia Field designed the iconic “Carrie” nameplate for Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, we we’re rockin’ these in Brooklyn. But, we we’re so a head of the trend, we we’re just plain tacky.

christina nameplate  If you must wear a nameplate necklace this site has a huge selection –

Some of them had diamonds, a swirl underneath, diamond cutting or maybe even a tricolor flower or two if you we’re really lucky. Back in the day, (the day being mid 80’s in Canarsie, Brooklyn) owning a nameplate was almost a rite of passage, it was taken seriously. We didn’t buy them at street fairs like Carrie Bradshaw did, they we’re “good” jewelry, and no well dressed girl was complete without one. Well, a nameplate necklace, frosty pink lipstick, big hair, slouch socks and a scrunchy. Ahh, the 80’s

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