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Think Big!

giant pearls  Check out this giant ceramic pearl sculpture from British artist and jewelry designer Nicola Malkin –

In the 1980’s, there was a store on West Broadway, in Soho called Think Big!  I was so fascinated by this place and it’s giant ketchup bottles, six foot tall pencils and four foot wide tennis rackets. They sold larger than life versions of everyday items, long before Mc Donalds started super sizing. I bugged my parents for something and eventually they bought me a two foot high book of matches. In their defense, I think that was the least expensive thing in the store.

giant earring Giant jewelry as urban street art from Dutch artist Liesbet Bussche –

One thing they didn’t have was giant sized jewelry. Someone I use to work with told me that the older you get, the larger your jewelry gets. Now, I’m starting to understand what she was talking about. When I first started really wearing and buying jewelry for myself, two of my first purchases we’re a miniature diamond cross and a very delicate diamond line bracelet. I’m probably the same size I was then (about 16 years ago) or tinier, but the cross and the bracelet both look microscopic now! I rarely wear either piece now, and if I do I layer them with other things, like about five other bracelets!

ball studs big Another piece from Nicola Malkin

There are tons of things I love now, they I never would have worn back then. Why is it that the older you get your perception of size changes. Whether or not I understand the reason why, it can only mean one thing for me, in another ten years I’ll be wearing tennis ball size earrings and rings the size of crystal ashtrays!

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Emerald Isle

emerald shamrockWatching the St. Patrick’s Day parade today I’ve been inspired by everything green and after getting out of the cold and snow on Fifth Avenue, my fingers have finally thawed out enough to type!

Ireland owes its moniker the Emerald Isle, to its bucolic green countryside, not because it’s a prolific source of emeralds. Either way, emerald jewelry is often associated with Ireland and Saint Patrick’s Day.

Emeralds, the traditional birthstone for May, are mined in a number of locations in the world (none of them being Ireland), the most beautiful often from Columbia, but are also found in South America and Africa among other places. One of the most famous Columbian mines is the Muzo mine, near Bogota which produces rich, dark emeralds in green to bluish green shades.

Emeralds are part of the Beryl family of gemstones, which also includes the very popular blue to greenish blue aquamarine and pink to peachy pink morganite. Since color is more of a consideration than clarity when choosing a colored gem, rather than a diamond where the opposite is true, there is a certain amount of inclusions (or flaws) that are generally accepted and expected in emeralds. Inclusions in emeralds are often referred to as “jardin”, which is the French word for garden, due to their wispy appearance. Even though emeralds are a relatively hard stone (7.5 – 8 on the Mohs scale) the inclusions can affect their durability.  The gorgeous green stones are also more prone to scratching and are generally not a great choice to wear everyday.

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