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Snooze Actors Guild Awards

ZZZZZzzzzzz…. Wow, I hung in there as long as I could last night. I’m not a big award show girl & I have a realllllllly short attention span, so the combo of a gazillion black and navy dresses and a ton of dry speeches does not make for an exciting night of tv, as far as I’m concerned. I watched the red carpet arrivals, and a little bit of the show. I finally had to change the channel at 8:43, and I feel like I deserve an award for lasting even that long! The SAG’s don’t usually garner as much attention as the Globes or of course the Oscars and it wasn’t even on a major network channel.  I had to go searching for it and realized maybe it was hidden for a reason!

As you can probably already tell I wasn’t too impressed with what I saw on the red carpet. So, there were a ton of black dresses, a ton of navy dresses, a couple of Ann Hathaway Golden Globe knock off’s and a few interesting jewelry moments for me.

My red carpet faves –

1- Busy Phillips –


Wearing a FANTASTIC Irene Neuwirth black opal necklace. The greenish, blue opals really popped against her black dress. If you happen to be near Barneys in NYC, take a min to check out their jewelry department, they have a great selection of Irene Neuwirth pieces.

2- Jessica Chastain –

Jessica Chastain

Total 1950’s hollywood glamour! Dripping with diamonds, in a Harry Winston waterfall styles diamond necklace, made up of round and pear shaped stones. This is what award shows are all about. I’m a sucker for a classic. There were a couple of other actresses that opted for a classic diamond look in a necklace as well, Jennifer Lawrence and Marion Cotillard.

3- Jane Krakowski –

I love the sherbet orange!!!! What a great color! But, I really liked her David Webb Jewelry. She wore a pair of classic Webb yellow gold, diamond cluster earrings and a really interesting yellow gold, coral bead and diamond bracelet.


4- Amanda Seyfried –

The beautiful, Lorraine Schwartz Art Deco style, light blue chalcedony and diamond pendant is on a long diamond chain. I love the look of a long necklace, especially on the red carpet, it lends a younger more casual look to the gown. It’s a piece that could also be worn with a tank and jeans.

Amanda Seyfried

5- Morena Baccarin –

This was an interesting look, because it was different. She wore long earrings, with a dark green cabachon stone drop and a jeweled lizard brooch in her hair, from Jacob the Jeweler.

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red Carpet

6 – Helen Hunt –

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Her Neil Lane jewels, were a little rock n’ roll, set with diamonds in an oxidized mounting. I loved the lacy, choker look and she also had on a great stack of oxidized, rose cut diamond, Indian style bangles to match.


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The Envelope Please


As our favorite celebs got ready for last night’s Golden Globes, making last minute adjustments to their outfits and deciding which jewels & accessories would either, best compliment their dress (wear rubies with red? blah), make them look thinner (GIANT sparkly earrings near the face, yes that old trick to bring the eye, up, up and away from those trouble spots), younger (REALLY hunky date so no one even looks at you!!), you have to wonder what some of them were really thinking.

So, I came up with a few categories of my own and the winners. I know everyone is on the edge of their seat, so…..drumroll please…….

In the category of ” SO BOOOORING, WHY’D YOU EVEN COME” – The award goes to Marion Cotillard. No earrings! No necklace!  Outrage! And it looked like she was wearing a bath towel.  As far as I’m concerned Anne Hathaway comes in a close second. I know, elegant, simple, demure, blah, blah. Oh I’m sorry, think I dozed off for a minute. With that super short hair and white dress she needed either a major necklace or statement earrings. Something to scream GIRL!!!!!!

Our next category is “WTF?????” – This one is a definite tie, between Zooey Deschanel , a Pearl choker and studs, REALLY? I think you forgot the cardigan and Stacy Keibler, cheapo looking earrings of long dangling chains and blah hair and makeup.

In the “THAT’S RIGHT I’M A BADASS” category – There are three stars I liked. Tina Fey, with her dangling spiky diamond star earrings. Julianne Hough, with her edgy, insect inspired jewelry from Daniella Villegas and Sienna Miller who rocked a couple of studs and a hoop from Jennifer Meyer, all on one ear. I’m a huge fan of a giant diamond chandelier, but it was nice to see something different on the red carpet.

And speaking of huge diamond chandeliers, I had to include my favorite category “BIG GIRL JEWELRY” (as in I’m a grown up and know how to wear shit) – Soooo many giant statement earrings I loved in this category, Julianne Moore, Julie Bowen, Selma Hayek, Megan Fox. But, my favorites we’re Debra Messing with her absolutely GIGANTIC Indian style, probably foilbacked diamond earrings (that worked back to her stacks and stacks of indian bracelets) and Taylor Swift’s sparkly, plummy brown Lorraine Schwartz triple stone drops. Best necklace in this category has to go to Jessica Alba, who wore M-A-J-O-R bling from Harry Winston.


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