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Doggies in Diamonds and Puppies in Pearls

Carlos in pearls  Carlos wearing a fringe necklace of teardrop freshwater pearls and diamonds!!

A few of my friends have suggested that I should expand my collection to include a line of jewelry for dogs, for a number of reasons –

A- Because I’m a huge animal person, I have two Chihuahuas, Julio and Carlos and Phoebe the cat

B- Because lots of other people are super into their dogs too

C- Crazy dog people spend big bucks on Fido

D- Dog stores have popped up everywhere you look packed with tons of fun designer gear for your pooch

I don’t know, that just isn’t my thing. I don’t dress up my dogs (maybe because they’re both male), with the exception of possibly a sweater when it’s really cold and that’s only if I can get it on without being bitten!  I have a feeling that if they we’re female I would have long since fallen prey to the siren song of pink puppy tutus, but luckily for them that isn’t the case.

CCK-MIAMI_R  If you’re looking for some real doggy jewels check out the Miami Dog Necklace from Doggie Vogue!

Tons of people dress their dogs up every day, just take a look around on Instagram! The hats! The dresses! The booties! And…the jewelry!

When I worked at Fred Leighton ( there were actually a few clients who purchased jewelry for their dogs. Nothing says I have money to burn, quite like buying a diamond tennis bracelet as a collar for your teacup pup, on your afternoon stroll on Madison Avenue!

Well, I was inspired by all of this puppy jewelry chit chat and snapped a few pic of my Dog Carlos wearing some jewels from my personal collection.

Take a look at new pieces just added to the website!!  WWW.FROMTHEASHESVINTAGEJEWELS.COM

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Bad Gift On Board

3d 2 push_button_for babyl

“Push” presents, God how I hate that term. It just conjures up a horrendous series of images in my head. How about the old standby – baby gift, that still works.

Anyway, I have a friend who’s expecting her third child. Her husband recently called asking my opinion on the push baby gift he planned to give her. A locket. Really, for the third time? Who needs three floral engraved lockets, and why does every guy think once a woman gets knocked up she suddenly losses all sense of who she is and morphs into some kind of mindless mommy drone who thinks yellow gold heart shaped lockets are the absolute height of fashion?

If he still insists on giving her yet another locket, I suggested something a hell of a lot more interesting, like the piece below. Now that is pretty freaking fantastic. An antique, 19c. Victorian gold locket with fringe and seed pearls. You can still stick a pic of the kid inside, but it’s got a bit of rock n’ roll edge and none of the other mommies will have the same one!

FringeNecklace When I worked at a high end estate jeweler on Madison ave, I was constantly and usually pretty successfully pushing the Dads- to- be in a more diamondy direction than a gold locket. Because I know, if another human being came out of me, all Alien style, I’d need a diamond about the size of an old school crystal doorknob.

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