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What Came First?

chick and egg   The age old question – “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” has been puzzling us for years, and it also raises another question – What comes first, the jewelry or the outfit?

When getting dressed the other day, I wondered, do you plan the jewelry around the outfit or the other way around? Well, like any good jewelry fanatic knows that answer is simple – it’s the jewels!
I could go out without a stitch of clothing (not that I would) and still feel completely “done” if I’m properly accessorized and bejeweled. Or, to be more exact, I could be wearing a head to toe, hot off the runway designer look and without any jewelry I’d feel naked and completely “off”!

I always feel that the simpler and more neutral the clothing, the better backdrop it creates to showcase your treasures! And what better personal statement can you make, then with your jewelry. Often jewelry is chosen for a symbolic meaning, or what it represents to us, so it can tell the world even more about us then the clothes we wear.

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Baseball Diamonds

everythingbaseball_2255_314957990 Ruby and diamond baseball pendant

Today was opening day for both New York baseball teams, I don’t know who won and to be honest I don’t care. I guess I’m more of a Yankee fan, although I was a huge Mets fan as a kid, back when they we’re good.  Anyway, I’ve always liked the idea of opening day, the weather is usually nice, and I have to romanticize everything in my head, so I think about who I’d go with, my outfit and you guessed it the jewelry!

So that’s where I got stuck, there’s really no baseball game appropriate jewelry. Unless of course you happen to be a Yankee wife or girlfriend, then pile on those diamonds! I happen to be neither one of those things, so what’s a girl to do?

I found a little inspiration today, that could turn any chick into a baseball fan!

baseball earrings Ruby and diamond baseball earrings

And I thought of something else, if the stadiums started baseball jewelry day, instead of silly things like towel day, hat day and other useless crap day, I think both the Yankees and the Mets could develop a whole new fan base!!

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Purple Passion

ami earringsWith February more than half over, I figured it’s time to talk about Amethyst! And, I have to admit, I’m feeling a bit of my inner Gemologist – geek yearning to be free!

Amethyst is the February birthstone, for those of you that missed the reference above. It is part of the quartz family and definitely one of the most popular colored gemstones. Ideally, Amethyst should be a deep, rich purple, but it is also seen in much less saturated, very pale tones, sold as Rose de France.  A lot of amethyst is mined in Brazil and the gorgeous stone is affordable and often available in large sizes.  So, if you’re the type that loves a killer, eye catching cocktail ring of 10 carats plus, this could be a stone for you!

Throughout history there has been a lot of lore and superstition surrounding the stone.  “The name amethyst derives from the ancient Greek word amethustos, meaning sober. It was said that an amethyst could prevent the bearer from becoming excessively drunk and also instills a sober and serious mind. It was believed that if a person drank from a cup or goblet made entirely of amethyst, he or she would not get drunk at all.” (1)

ami ring

“Throughout the ages, powerful and rich monarchs have used Amethyst as a symbol of royalty, and some Amethysts even decorate the British Crown Jewels. Rumor has it that Amethyst was a personal favorite of Queen Catherine the Great of Russia. Historically, the stone was believed to assist prophecy and visions and to bring riches and powers to its owners.” (2)

Well, on that note, I’m going to put all of my amethyst jewelry on! Riches and power, HERE I COME!!!

(1) (2)

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Suntans and Sapphires


On this super cold January day, as I’m buried under multiple layers of down, thermal and whatever else I could throw on to walk my dogs, my mind is drifting off to warmer climes. Preferably one where I’m wearing only one layer, a bikini. But, the real question is, how to accessorize that bikini?A floppy hat, giant sunglasses, a stack of chunky bangles? Honestly, unless you’re a reality show star or an Italian heiress, don’t do it! But, that’s just one girl’s opinion.

bikini copy

The beach is probably the only place I don’t wear jewelry, other than the gym. I’m definitely more of a sit, read a book and watch the waves girl, rather than the beach volleyball type. But, it’s still a look I never rock, for a few reasons. What if I actually decide to venture in to the brownish green new york water, I’m hit by a wave and my jewelry washes away! I’d never be able to find it in that sludge!   Also, depending on the stones and what the piece is made of,  sunscreen and oil can leave a hard to remove residue, saltwater can be corrosive and sand can be very abrasive. In general I never recommend to even shower with jewelry on, but I’m a freak and baby all of my pieces.

So, save the jewelry for those outdoor beach bar cocktails at the end of the day!


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Travel Jewelry

garnet necklace

So, a friend’s Facebook post got me thinking about travel and buying jewelry and what fun it is to do the two at the same time. The friend lives in Europe and decided to go on a little road trip today, and took her family to Prague. I was lucky to have the chance to visit Prague with a friend and we really loved it. It’s  a beautiful city that’s full of history and culture.

Well, in between visiting the castle, going to the opera, and every museum we could find, I became obsessed with finding the perfect piece of Czech or Bohemian Garnet jewelry.  So much so, that every day was planned around what time the shops we’re closing and how much time I’d need to try everything on.  Before going to Prague I never even liked garnets, but all of the tourist trap jewelry stores in the capital city, packed full of every imaginable incarnation of garnet jewelry EVER known to man, makes you feel like you’d be insane to leave without any.

prague jewelry store

I left Prague with a pair of extremely over priced chandelier earrings (that looked just like a pair I saw in a museum exhibit on antique Czech garnet jewelry, and panicked when I  had to remember which store I had seen them in earlier in the week and figure out how to get back there again) a pendant and a ring. All of which I’ve probably worn a combined total of three times over the past ten years. There’s a weird twilight zone – esque shopping frenzy I slip into whenever I travel. It’s usually aimed at jewelry, but on a recent trip to Pennsylvania I had to be satisfied with a key chain from the train station gift shop. Hey, at least I didn’t leave empty handed!

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Before and After

before copy

January, time for change, a fresh start, cleaning out your closets (literally and figuratively) and of course New Years resolutions, well…uh maybe. I’ve never been good at keeping them, so this year I decided not to even bother making them. But, I did just reorganize all of my jewelry.

Hey, I figured I can have at least one thing in my life under control, right?  Yep, keeping those priorities straight. I’ll take care of the major things like my jewelry and figure out all the little things like, where I want to live and what I want to do with my life whenever I get around to it.

So, back to the important stuff! If you keep your jewels in a jumble (see above- aaaahhhh!!!!), not only is it difficult to see what you have, but pieces can scratch and get broken.  Especially, if you have diamonds mixed in with other stones. Diamonds will scratch any other stone, because everything else is softer. You have to be extra careful with pearls, coral and opal, some of the most easily scratched gemstones.

There are all sorts of things made to store and organize jewelry, anti tarnish zippered pouches, trays with dividers, and T stands wearing evening gowns. The best thing I’ve ever found are the plastic storage boxes from hardware stores with lots of little compartments for nails, screws and

after any other little bits. Some of them even have plastic dividers that are adjustable so you can make some compartments bigger to fit your whole collection!!! I filled two and realized I needed another one. Does that mean I have too much jewelry?  NO WAY!!

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To match or not to match?

indian hands

As I was getting ready to meet a friend today I had a fashion dilemma. Do I color coordinate my jewelry with my tattoos or not? I love an armful of jewels, a giant stack of bangles, fingers full of rings. However, as I continue work on my sleeve (which will eventually be a pastel, colorful confection of desserts and candy), I wonder what”s a tattooed jewelry girl to do?

cupcake copy

Do I only wear pastel pieces that match my tattoos, blue topaz, morganite, aquamarine or  do I rock out a black spinel bracelet, sapphire ring and emerald bangle? Is matchy, matchy the way to go? Now, I don’t want to clash. I know you’re probably asking yourself how a girl with a cupcake tattoo on her arm can be worried about clashing with anything, but I definitely think this is something I have to consider.

Now, back to the sapphire ring, that brings up a whole different issue. Hand and finger tattoos. I love them! I think they look great, especially on guys. But, I don’t have any and probably wouldn’t get them done because I’m such a ring girl. LOVE, love, love my rings, the bigger the better!! If I could figure out a way to strap a crystal ashtray on my finger I totally would.

Anyway, I wonder how many other tattooed Jewelry Freaks got dressed today and wondered what jewelry works best with their art, or does it really matter?


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