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Horse Play

gucci wg bracelet  Gucci white gold and diamond horsebit bracelet

So the Kentucky Derby was this past weekend. Ok, be honest,  who dressed up in a big hat and sipped on mint juleps? I love a good hat, but never like how they look on me. If you did go to a Derby party send me some photos!

Well, all the horsey chit chat over the weekend got me thinking about horse themed jewelry. The first thing that comes to mind is horse bit themed pieces. So many designers have used this motif over the years, in everything from textiles, handbag handles, silverware, shoes and of course jewelry!

gucci horse bracelet An updated horse bit style from Gucci

Gucci is one design house that really made that look their own.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is horseshoe men’s rings, yeah I went there. Whether they’re on the pinky or a different finger they’re pretty bad. That being said my Dad had one when I was a kid. Basically the same one in this photo, so I couldn’t resist!

horsehoe ring  Yeah baby!! Old school yellow gold and diamond horseshoe ring

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Good Luck!

horseshoeThe idea of an amulet, a charm, pendant, something we wear or keep with us for luck, to ward off “evil” spirits, to bring a bit of magic into our lives, or just to give ourselves a sense of wellbeing. Often amulets and talisman are very personal and may have a deep meaning to only the wearer. They could also be something that is generally considered a good luck charm, such as a horseshoe, lucky penny, rabbit’s foot, a four leaf clover or a simple cross pendant on a delicate gold chain.

According to Wikipedia, “amulets and talismans are often considered interchangeable despite their differences. For example, the amulet is an object with natural magical properties, whereas a talisman must be charged with magical powers by a creator.” (1) Who knew this was so involved? So, I wonder what category my lucky horseshoe pendant I had as a kid fit into? Something tells me it wasn’t magical.

Recently, I’ve been wearing a chain with four little “good luck” charms.  An evil eye, that a really good friend brought back from Istanbul for me, a tiny diamond cross, a cubic zirconia Hamsa hand pendant, and a weird little Capricorn astrological pendant with my “lucky” numbers and a microscopic cabochon ruby.

lucky charms

So, the question is this, does wearing a purported “good luck” charm actually bring any good energy your way, or does it have a great big cosmic placebo effect? And then the inverse is also true, just because something bad happens when you’re wearing your sparkly lucky charms, does that mean they’re bad luck and you should trade them in for something new?

This where my weird superstitions come into play! So far there’s no evidence of any of it actually bringing me any good luck, but who knows what would happen if I stopped wearing it! At the very least, jewelry should make you feel good when you wear it So, I guess I’ll continue to wear mine and hope for the best! I hope everyone has a “lucky” day!

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