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Horse Play

gucci wg bracelet  Gucci white gold and diamond horsebit bracelet

So the Kentucky Derby was this past weekend. Ok, be honest,  who dressed up in a big hat and sipped on mint juleps? I love a good hat, but never like how they look on me. If you did go to a Derby party send me some photos!

Well, all the horsey chit chat over the weekend got me thinking about horse themed jewelry. The first thing that comes to mind is horse bit themed pieces. So many designers have used this motif over the years, in everything from textiles, handbag handles, silverware, shoes and of course jewelry!

gucci horse bracelet An updated horse bit style from Gucci

Gucci is one design house that really made that look their own.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is horseshoe men’s rings, yeah I went there. Whether they’re on the pinky or a different finger they’re pretty bad. That being said my Dad had one when I was a kid. Basically the same one in this photo, so I couldn’t resist!

horsehoe ring  Yeah baby!! Old school yellow gold and diamond horseshoe ring

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Countdown to Spring

coral necklace

New York is on the verge of yet another snowstorm! So of course I’m dreaming of spring, which is a mere two weeks away! If it sounds like I’ve been ticking off the days ’til it’s here on my bedroom wall like Bugs Bunny in a cartoon jail cell, you would be right! I can’t wait for the warm weather, spring clothes (no more 20 pound coat!) and all the new spring jewelry trends!

One looking that has showed up on spring 2013 Runways is bright, eye popping coral jewelry. Coral ranges in color from the highly prized, pale “Angel Skin” which is a pale peachy pink to the darker more commonly seen Mediterranean Red Coral.

coral earrings copy

The juicy color warms and flatters any skin tone and the color is so wearable it can be used as a neutral. Coral is a perennial spring and summer favorite. The stone looks especially gorgeous paired back to yellow gold.

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