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May Day!


Happy May first! In many countries May Day is a celebration of spring and of course it also kicks off the birthday month for all of the Emerald May babies. Since I already wrote about emeralds I thought I’d write about Mother-of-Pearl, which seems appropriate with Mother’s Day right around the corner!

“Mother-of-pearl is a nacreous, lustrous, iridescent lining of the shell of a mollusk that can be carved and cut for jewelry and other decorative purposes. It is composed of calcium carbonate bound by conchiolin which together forms nacre. Mother-of-pearl is carved into various motifs to be used in jewelry. Slabs of mother-of-pearl decorate cuff links, shirt studs, buttons, watch faces and are used as inlay in various decorative objects.” (1)


Mother of pearl can be dyed any color, but is most often naturally seen in white, pink and black. The iridescent stone lends itself to delicate, feminine carved jewelry and is perfect for cameos. The delicate sheen and luster looks wonderful against the skin and enhances any complexion.

You find a lot of fantastic mother of pearl in vintage religious jewelry, such as crucifix’s and religious medals. I’m so excited when I can find some of these vintage treasures to incorporate into my collection.

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(1) Antique Jewelry University, “Mother-of-Pearl,” n.d., <; (accessed May 1, 2013)


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New Addition


This is the newest piece from my collection. The Basilica Chain necklace. As a kid I was always fascinated with Rosary beads. The jewel toned faceted crystals, the filigree beads, the ornate crucifixes. I don’t know, I was a weird little kid.

Every year around the holidays I would visit Saint Patrick’s Cathedral with my family. They had the most amazing collection of rosary beads . I had no idea what they were for (I still don’t really have a handle on it) but, I loved them and wanted them all!

In was inspired by the classic look of rosary beads, but wanted a more modern, wearable edge. So, to create this one of a kind necklace I incorporated a vintage crucifix and vintage chunky, textured chain. There are austrian crystals and cultured pearls dangling from the piece.


At a long 32″ the chain is very versatile and can be worn a ton of different ways. You can just throw it on over a t-shirt, alone or layered up with other pieces. It can be wrapped around your neck twice as a choker, or multiple times around the wrist for a layered bracelet. You can also wear the crucifix hanging in the front, or on the side with the decorative toggle clasp showing, for a cool I- just -roll -out- of -bed- looking- this- good- everyday -kind of style!

I’ll have this on my website tomorrow, if you’d like a closer look and to get all the details.

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