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Gloveless Wonder

Making my way to Grand Central this
morning for another arduous, but totally worth it trip to Hope Gallery in New Haven, my fingers started to freeze from the numbing cold, along with a few other body parts. Red, frozen fingers with bitten nails, quite a way to show off the massive onyx and white topaz ring I just had to wear today and that just wouldn’t fit under my gloves.

A hand model, I am not. But, regardless of whether or not you have beautiful hands and if a hang nail is a valid reason for you to call in sick to work or not, you still have to keep your digits warm, or do you?

If you’re a ring loving jewelry freak (and let’s be honest which woman isn’t), do you forgo the gloves and let your little piggies freeze or keep your cocktail rings on ice until spring rolls around?

Sure, you could wear fingerless gloves or those nifty little mittens with the flap that buttons down, or even glingers (gloveless fingers, just google it), but none of them really accomplish anything.

I vote for a glove/mitten hybrid with fingers and little velcroed “windows” that flip over to make room for your rings. Ok, there’s my idea, someone please feel free to steal it. I only design jewelry, maybe I’ll branch out to gloves at some point.


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