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Land of Make Believe

So, this will be the first installment (of many) of my dream personal jewelry wish list.  Now, I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way. I’m generally a fortunate person, I don’t “need” anything and I’m grateful for everything that I do have. I’m not disgruntled because I can’t shop like a trust fund baby, but it’s always fun to play make believe!

My Have to Have “Classics” Jewelry Wish list

1 – A pair of 1960’s David Webb rock crystal quartz and diamond cuff bracelets – Yes, they weigh a ton and you could probably knock yourself out with them if you aren’t careful, but my god they’re so much fun!

webb cuff

2 – A giant radiant cut canary diamond ring with white trilliant cut diamond sides, need I say more? Oh, and I’m a size five in case anyone is wondering.

canary diamond

3 – 18k yellow gold Cartier Tank Francaise watch – Cartier’s signature Tank timepiece debuted in 1917, and was inspired by the world’s first armored tank.

cartier watch

4 – A killer 19 century old mine diamond necklace in an oxidized silver topped yellow gold setting – Because you’ll be the only bitch in the room wearing it.

19c necklace

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Heavy Metal

biker hand

So, last night I went to the motorcycle show at the Javits Center and I noticed something interesting, there were more men wearing jewelry than women. I know, strange thing to notice, but jewelry is always the first thing I tune in to regardless of what else is going on around me (“Uh, no officer, I didn’t get the plate number of the car that hit me, but the driver was wearing pearl studs and an 18K yellow gold Cartier watch!).

Usually, jewelry on men is on my big list of NO FXXXING way, do not pass go, do not collect $100 and please don’t talk to me. C’mon guys, leave the bling to us, just keep it simple! The only jewelry a man should ever wear is a watch, a wedding band and cufflinks (if he must wear button down shirts).

biker guy

Now of course, like most rules there are exceptions and here goes – if you’re covered in tattoos and ride  a motorcycle, you can wear whatever the hell you want, preferably two hands full of chunky, nose crushing silver rings.

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