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Have You Had Your Iron Today?


For a number of years I worked at a super high profile, red carpet, estate jeweler to the stars, in NYC. The pieces that passed through my hands would boggle the mind of any jewelery maniac, the type of things most people only get to see at museum. As a result, I learned about the different periods and characteristics of jewelry design, which influences a lot of what I do.

I recently designed a pair of earrings (Wisdom antique goldtone filigree chandeliers -pic above) inspired by the Berlin Iron jewelry of the early 19th century (**WARNING –  SHAMELESS PROMOTION TIME**)  & you can check them out on my Etsy store – !!!!

Developed in Germany around 1806, Berlin Iron jewelry was made of sand cast iron lacquered in black. The designs were often very lacy, open and lightweight, featuring floral motifs. The pieces were rarely ever set with stones, instead focusing on the beauty of the delicate metal work. Berlin Iron jewelry was often worn during periods of mourning.


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