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Baseball Diamonds

everythingbaseball_2255_314957990 Ruby and diamond baseball pendant

Today was opening day for both New York baseball teams, I don’t know who won and to be honest I don’t care. I guess I’m more of a Yankee fan, although I was a huge Mets fan as a kid, back when they we’re good.  Anyway, I’ve always liked the idea of opening day, the weather is usually nice, and I have to romanticize everything in my head, so I think about who I’d go with, my outfit and you guessed it the jewelry!

So that’s where I got stuck, there’s really no baseball game appropriate jewelry. Unless of course you happen to be a Yankee wife or girlfriend, then pile on those diamonds! I happen to be neither one of those things, so what’s a girl to do?

I found a little inspiration today, that could turn any chick into a baseball fan!

baseball earrings Ruby and diamond baseball earrings

And I thought of something else, if the stadiums started baseball jewelry day, instead of silly things like towel day, hat day and other useless crap day, I think both the Yankees and the Mets could develop a whole new fan base!!

You can always find a little inspiration of your own here – WWW.FROMTHEASHESVINTAGEJEWELS.COM

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