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Simply Charming

I was on my way to meet a friend at the Nom Wah Tea Parlor ( in Chinatown today, when something caught my eye.

charm necklace

In the window of Lost Wax Studio ( on Elizabeth street, I spotted a 1980’s plastic charm necklace. We all had one, plastic link chain with chunky, colorful charms. I picked it up, threw it on and couldn’t stop laughing…until I looked at the tag that is. The description read as follows “Vintage 1980’s charm necklace”.

VINTAGE, really? But, how can that be, I owned one!!! It was like the first time I heard an Alice in Chains song on the “classic” alternative station! Does this mean I’m vintage too? This is a topic for another blog, or not.

Anyway, back to the necklace. Hot pink, turquoise, yellow, animals, shoes, telephones, lipstick, you name it I probably had it, all with bells, lots of googly eyes and big plastic clips. My collection outgrew the original necklace and I had to expand to another one. Then, when I’d link the two together it just about came down to my waist. That was status in the sixth grade!

I’d spend so much time rearranging them, color coordinating them, making sure they we’re perfectly spaced, I was always obsessed with my jewelry!

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Stick It


Friendship pins, remember those? I’m totally dating myself. Simple concept- tiny safety pins, tiny beads and one major 80’s jewelry trend. I remember how exciting it was to get a box of pins

friendship pins

(my faves were the super tiny silver ones, with the gold tone a close second) and a pack of those little beads that were always on the horrendous moccasins and indian belts I wore as a kid.

I really thought I was a creative genius, the way I’d layer those beads into cutting edge 80’s color combos, baby pink & blue, shades of lavender (still a fave of third graders everywhere).

But the best part was that I actually sold them! They were a big hit, I even took custom orders. Sure I only got about a quarter each, but I was a budding jewelry designer!  entrepreneur!  and thought I’d be running shit pretty soon.  I’ve since developed a slightly more grown up aesthetic, but I may have to rework the friendship pin for 2013.

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