Real Men Wear jewelry?

16 Apr


For years men’s jewelry was relegated to one or maybe two display cases in the furthest corner of most jewelry stores. In general you would see the same stuff wherever you went, gold chains, an ID bracelet, crosses, and a few rings, an onyx one and the mall favorite “DAD”.

Then of course there was my stint as manager of the men’s department at the store I worked at on Fifth Avenue. For a month straight I tried to organize what seemed like a million pairs of cufflinks and silver key rings, exciting stuff.


Men’s jewelry has gone through a lot of changes in the past few years, and guys seem to be wearing a lot more than just a watch and a wedding band. Collections have gotten a lot more fashion forward and edgier. Sterling and stainless steel have made pieces a lot more casual and wearable. With companies like Skull n Roses, King Baby, Versani and Bad Ass Jewelry all doing some cool stuff.


Recently, I’ve had a few guys asking if I do a men’s collection, so I’m working on some things and I’ll keep everyone posted on when they’re finished!

Check out new pieces just added to the website!!  WWW.FROMTHEASHESVINTAGEJEWELS.COM

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