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gold charms  Charm bracelets are a fun and whimsical way to commemorate and celebrate special occasions, favorite hobbies and fabulous vacations. I have three charm bracelets that I’ve collected and added to over the years. I have a sterling silver bracelet full of vintage charms, a yellow gold bracelet with colorful enamel pieces and a pave set white gold bracelet with sparkling diamond charms. I mean really, go big or go home, I couldn’t have just one! Now, the only thing that’s missing is a classic 1960’s yellow gold and gemstone charm bracelet,…hmmm.

dia charm bracelet   I’ve found charms almost everywhere, from flea markets in Manhattan, antique shows in Pennsylvania, and while traveling in Mexico and France and Italy. I love the sound they make when they jingle around, and they’re just fun and easy to wear. People always stop and ask me about them, because even though at one time they we’re really popular, it’s just not something see a lot anymore.

“The end of WWII saw the explosion of charm jewelry as we know it today. Soldiers leaving Europe and islands in the Pacific purchased little handmade trinkets as gifts to bring home to their sweethearts. Native craftsmen fashioned small bits of metal into little replicas of items common to the locale. Enterprising jewelers in the States quickly picked up on the trend to create charms for all occasions. By the 1950s, the charm bracelet was a must-have accessory for girls and women. “(1)

silver bracelet

Some of my favorites in my collection are the mechanical charms with moveable parts. I have a hinged martini shaker, an old school cigarette case that opens and out pop the cigarettes, a movie camera with a handle that turns, a fish tank with goldfish that spin around and a gumball machine with “gumballs” that shake around inside.

1- Kathleen Oldford,”A History of Charms and Charm Bracelets,” n.d., < (accessed March 14,2013).

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