Man Up!

12 Mar

jeans 2

Tasteful jewelry, small, delicate and understated, all things that make me break out into a rash… boooorrring. Come on, if you’re going to wear jewelry, really wear it! Make a statement! Commit to it, try something new and don’t be afraid, it’s only jewelry.

Jewelry is a fun and easy way to change your look or to bring new life to an old favorite in your closet. It says a lot about who you are and what your personal style esthetic is. Now, you don’t want your earrings to say, “I’m super organized, collect cat mugs and head up the local chapter of coupon clippers anonymous, or your necklace to give off a, I host Tupperware parties, drive a station wagon and wear sparkly holiday sweaters vibe,  or maybe you do. In which case, you probably wouldn’t be reading my blog.

Spring is almost here, only eight days away! So, why not try something new that screams, “spring, here I am, check my ass out!” Lately my favorite way to do that has been by wearing multiple big chunky rings, but a pair of statement earrings or an attention grabbing necklace work just as well!

So, go all out and show off the goods, the warmer weather and skimpier clothing is the perfect combo to do just that.

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