Tassels Aren’t Just For Pasties

02 Mar

tassel neck My own vintage 1970’s necklace

Tassels, cool little fringy things that dangle and sway.  They can add some frou frou-ness or tackiness to all sorts of things, depending on what they’re attached to, from curtains to jewelry and pasties! On someone very adept at making them twirl around they can really pick up some speed! I’ve never been able to master that, and I’ve tried, believe me! I have my very own leopard print pasties, (birthday gift a few years ago) but I’ve yet to put them to good use.

But ,I have been getting a whole lot of use out of a vintage tassel necklace I got from a friend for helping her organize and revamp her jewelry collection.  Mine is a silver toned, 1970’s version with a long, chunky rope chain and a textured pendant. The coolest way to a wear a tassel is long and sexy decorating your décolleté.

VCA necklace VCA braceletTwo gorgeous 1950’s pieces from VCA

Tassels have been a widely used motif in jewelry for years and we’re especially prevalent from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this look!  Often seen as the finishing touch on a yellow gold rope necklace or decorating a wide bracelet. In my opinion, some of the best examples of this style are from the design house of Van Cleef and Arpels(

I would wear this yellow gold VCA necklace paired up with a long multi strand beaded chain over a t shirt, which is pretty much my answer to everything. This way, you dress it down a few notches, making it easier to wear and less serious. There’s no point in keeping half of your jewelry collection locked away for a once a year special occasion. Mix it up, making it less intimidating and more relatable to everyday life, c’mon if you’ve got it wear it! And if you’re that freaked out, just get it insured.

Take a peek at the collection at – new pieces just added

Shop the collection next time your in Brooklyn at – Eight of Swords Tattoo( at 115 Grand Street Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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