Green with Envy

20 Feb

ringThe Fall 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion week may have just come to a close, but most of us are just gearing up for Spring 2013. And, according to Pantone (THE color people) Emerald Green is all the rage for the upcoming season. With that in mind I was inspired to start thinking about new green spring jewelry. A beautiful green gemstone that doesn’t generally get a lot of love is Chrysoprase.

“Chrysoprase is considered the rarest and most valuable stone in the chalcedony quartz group. That’s quite a distinction considering that the chalcedony species includes agate, chalcedony, onyx, carnelian, bloodstone and jasper. But chrysoprase, it is fair to say, is also the least known of all the chalcedony varieties.” (1)

The unusual gemstone is often seen in a vibrant apple green color, similar to jade. Chrysoprase is generally seen as a cabochon cut (highly polished, non-faceted style of cutting with rounded top) as most translucent and opaque gemstones are.

rough chrysoprase

It is a nice choice for a genuine gemstone if you are looking for a piece in green, that is a little unexpected. Even though Chrysoprase is in the green family, it’s night and day from Emerald. It will definitely prove to be a conversation piece if you wear one out, because most people are not familiar with it. Chrysoprase is not a stone you will find in a mall jewelry store, think more gem show, lapidary, art gallery.


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