Fool’s Gold

18 Feb


I have to admit, that I’ve never been a fan of marcasite and would never imagine myself wearing it. I’ve always seen lots of it at flea markets and on rotating displays at street fairs. To me the faux vintage look always seemed like the domain of grandmothers and business women in sweater sets. Definitely, NOT something I would wear, that is until recently.

A friend of mine inherited the responsibility of cleaning out her aunt’s house. There was a ton of jewelry in it and there we’re only a handful of pieces that her aunt actually wanted. So as payment for helping her sort through all of it, she let me choose whatever I wanted.

In the piles and piles of jewelry her aunt had accumulated over 30 plus years, I found a fantastic vintage marcasite necklace. I didn’t think I would ever wear it, but I couldn’t resist having it! Most marcasite jewelry you see is usually intricate, antique style designs set with faceted pyrite stones. Pyrite is an opaque stone with a brassy yellow color and a metallic sheen. During the California gold rush, a lot of miners mistaken thought they found gold, when it was actually pyrite. This is why the stone is often referred to as fool’s gold.

So, I’ve found myself wearing it a lot. I’ve been layering it up with long beaded chains and it actually looks really cool and rock n’ roll. Of course you have to wear it with the right thing too.  Think black tank, skull t shirt, nothing serious or we’re back to miss sweater set.

Next time you’re rummaging around a flea market or your grandmother’s jewelry box, keep your eyes peeled for a cool marcasite piece.

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