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04 Feb

ring pop

Jewelry and candy all rolled into one, now that is the perfect gift giving combination, no? Remember how much fun ring pops were? I’d always feel so fancy running around with that giant, sparkly, faceted rock on my tiny little hand (not much has changed!).  Okay, so maybe I could have lived without the sticky fingers and bright red tongue.

Give a box of candy to your chick for Valentines Day and she’ll probably think, great, I have to eat this because he gave it to me and I don’t want him to feel bad, but it’s just going to make me feel fat,  of course deep down inside, I really do want to eat this , uh why the hell did he give me chocolate???

On the other hand, give her jewelry  and that’s great…IF she likes what you picked out. But, you should at least make the effort. Please don’t be one of those guys that are too afraid of making the wrong choice, so they just choose not to buy anything sparkly for their lady love (which has always been my experience with boyfriends).

So, if you give her candy jewelry, she can wear it, or if she doesn’t like the way it looks, she can just eat it! Problem solved!

candy necklace

I recently found a cute shop in the East Village called Ame Ame ( and the owner sells a really unique mix of beautiful umbrellas, imported candy by the 1/4 pound and some fantastic gift and jewelry pieces. Check it out next time your in the neighborhood!

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