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25 Jan


Welcome to super shameless promotion Thursday! So, I’ve been writing a blog about jewelry, what goes with what, different trends, observations, whatever. I didn’t start writing because I enjoy writing, because I’m particularly good at it or due to an overwhelming urge to tell the world what I think. Let’s be honest, when it really comes down to it, no one really cares what anyone else has to say.

I started my blog for one simple reason – to SELL JEWELRY, the jewelry collection that I design – From The Ashes Vintage Jewels. So far, the blog is getting more attention than the jewelry and incase you’re dying to check it out before you reach the bottom of this page – my Etsy store is – fromtheashesjewels(enter into search bar on Etsy website) or .

So, I’m done with subtlety. READ MY BLOG, if you enjoy it then FOLLOW IT, “LIKE” my Facebook Page (From The Ashes Vintage Jewels), check out my Etsy store, and while you’re there you can even BUY SOMETHING! Repeat this process often and make sure you tell all your friends to like my stuff too! Why stop there, then you can even post pictures of yourself wearing my jewelry and telling everyone how much you love it and don’t know how you lived so long without it!

I’m kidding….slightly

The website will be up soon and then you’ll have even more to keep yourself busy!

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