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22 Jan

garnet necklace

So, a friend’s Facebook post got me thinking about travel and buying jewelry and what fun it is to do the two at the same time. The friend lives in Europe and decided to go on a little road trip today, and took her family to Prague. I was lucky to have the chance to visit Prague with a friend and we really loved it. It’s  a beautiful city that’s full of history and culture.

Well, in between visiting the castle, going to the opera, and every museum we could find, I became obsessed with finding the perfect piece of Czech or Bohemian Garnet jewelry.  So much so, that every day was planned around what time the shops we’re closing and how much time I’d need to try everything on.  Before going to Prague I never even liked garnets, but all of the tourist trap jewelry stores in the capital city, packed full of every imaginable incarnation of garnet jewelry EVER known to man, makes you feel like you’d be insane to leave without any.

prague jewelry store

I left Prague with a pair of extremely over priced chandelier earrings (that looked just like a pair I saw in a museum exhibit on antique Czech garnet jewelry, and panicked when I  had to remember which store I had seen them in earlier in the week and figure out how to get back there again) a pendant and a ring. All of which I’ve probably worn a combined total of three times over the past ten years. There’s a weird twilight zone – esque shopping frenzy I slip into whenever I travel. It’s usually aimed at jewelry, but on a recent trip to Pennsylvania I had to be satisfied with a key chain from the train station gift shop. Hey, at least I didn’t leave empty handed!

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