Stick It

19 Jan


Friendship pins, remember those? I’m totally dating myself. Simple concept- tiny safety pins, tiny beads and one major 80’s jewelry trend. I remember how exciting it was to get a box of pins

friendship pins

(my faves were the super tiny silver ones, with the gold tone a close second) and a pack of those little beads that were always on the horrendous moccasins and indian belts I wore as a kid.

I really thought I was a creative genius, the way I’d layer those beads into cutting edge 80’s color combos, baby pink & blue, shades of lavender (still a fave of third graders everywhere).

But the best part was that I actually sold them! They were a big hit, I even took custom orders. Sure I only got about a quarter each, but I was a budding jewelry designer!  entrepreneur!  and thought I’d be running shit pretty soon.  I’ve since developed a slightly more grown up aesthetic, but I may have to rework the friendship pin for 2013.

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