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18 Jan

before copy

January, time for change, a fresh start, cleaning out your closets (literally and figuratively) and of course New Years resolutions, well…uh maybe. I’ve never been good at keeping them, so this year I decided not to even bother making them. But, I did just reorganize all of my jewelry.

Hey, I figured I can have at least one thing in my life under control, right?  Yep, keeping those priorities straight. I’ll take care of the major things like my jewelry and figure out all the little things like, where I want to live and what I want to do with my life whenever I get around to it.

So, back to the important stuff! If you keep your jewels in a jumble (see above- aaaahhhh!!!!), not only is it difficult to see what you have, but pieces can scratch and get broken.  Especially, if you have diamonds mixed in with other stones. Diamonds will scratch any other stone, because everything else is softer. You have to be extra careful with pearls, coral and opal, some of the most easily scratched gemstones.

There are all sorts of things made to store and organize jewelry, anti tarnish zippered pouches, trays with dividers, and T stands wearing evening gowns. The best thing I’ve ever found are the plastic storage boxes from hardware stores with lots of little compartments for nails, screws and

after any other little bits. Some of them even have plastic dividers that are adjustable so you can make some compartments bigger to fit your whole collection!!! I filled two and realized I needed another one. Does that mean I have too much jewelry?  NO WAY!!

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