To match or not to match?

14 Jan

indian hands

As I was getting ready to meet a friend today I had a fashion dilemma. Do I color coordinate my jewelry with my tattoos or not? I love an armful of jewels, a giant stack of bangles, fingers full of rings. However, as I continue work on my sleeve (which will eventually be a pastel, colorful confection of desserts and candy), I wonder what”s a tattooed jewelry girl to do?

cupcake copy

Do I only wear pastel pieces that match my tattoos, blue topaz, morganite, aquamarine or  do I rock out a black spinel bracelet, sapphire ring and emerald bangle? Is matchy, matchy the way to go? Now, I don’t want to clash. I know you’re probably asking yourself how a girl with a cupcake tattoo on her arm can be worried about clashing with anything, but I definitely think this is something I have to consider.

Now, back to the sapphire ring, that brings up a whole different issue. Hand and finger tattoos. I love them! I think they look great, especially on guys. But, I don’t have any and probably wouldn’t get them done because I’m such a ring girl. LOVE, love, love my rings, the bigger the better!! If I could figure out a way to strap a crystal ashtray on my finger I totally would.

Anyway, I wonder how many other tattooed Jewelry Freaks got dressed today and wondered what jewelry works best with their art, or does it really matter?


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2 responses to “To match or not to match?

  1. Kiwi

    January 14, 2013 at 6:16 PM

    Sometimes I wonder this, I’ve only got one tattoo with colour on my upper back.. (my others are black/covered anyway so it doesn’t matter) and I’ve noticed that I get the most compliments when I am wearing a dress which is a colour that compliments my tattoo, but really I don’t tend to think about it too much, I’ll wear what i want!

    • fromtheashes13

      January 14, 2013 at 7:05 PM

      it’s funny, I use to wear a lot of bright colors & prints when I only had a back piece (that no one could see) and now that I’ve been working on my sleeve I’ve tossed all my prints & I stick to black & grey. Bye, bye hot pink. boo


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