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Simply Charming

I was on my way to meet a friend at the Nom Wah Tea Parlor ( in Chinatown today, when something caught my eye.

charm necklace

In the window of Lost Wax Studio ( on Elizabeth street, I spotted a 1980’s plastic charm necklace. We all had one, plastic link chain with chunky, colorful charms. I picked it up, threw it on and couldn’t stop laughing…until I looked at the tag that is. The description read as follows “Vintage 1980’s charm necklace”.

VINTAGE, really? But, how can that be, I owned one!!! It was like the first time I heard an Alice in Chains song on the “classic” alternative station! Does this mean I’m vintage too? This is a topic for another blog, or not.

Anyway, back to the necklace. Hot pink, turquoise, yellow, animals, shoes, telephones, lipstick, you name it I probably had it, all with bells, lots of googly eyes and big plastic clips. My collection outgrew the original necklace and I had to expand to another one. Then, when I’d link the two together it just about came down to my waist. That was status in the sixth grade!

I’d spend so much time rearranging them, color coordinating them, making sure they we’re perfectly spaced, I was always obsessed with my jewelry!

Hopefully you’re obsessed too – check out my website, it’s up and running, if you haven’t heard – and “LIKE” my Facebook page – and happy shopping!!!!


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Ship Ahoy

ships ahoy

Woo hoo!! The website is officially up & running as of today!!!!   Take a peek –

I built it myself. That’s right, rolled up my sleeves, put on the ol’ tool belt, hooked up my caffeine iv. Didn’t know I had it in me. Sure, I used an “easy” do – it – yourself website builder, but I’m a tech reject. Nothing is easy, and if you’ve ever attempted to use one of those things, you know what I mean. I’m a paper and pen kind of girl, I’ll take a notebook over the computer any day!!

So far, there are three categories – Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings. I’m working on some rings and I’ll be adding new pieces weekly. I can also do custom pieces, and customize a lot of the pieces that are already on the website. So, drop me a line if you have any questions or ideas –  Angela .

The pieces I create are heavily influenced by the jewelry of the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Nouveau periods, along with a rock n’ roll edge and tongue in cheek sensibility. Also inspired by the religious art and architecture of Europe I’ve experienced on my travels, I appreciate the beauty of religious icons.

I try to interpret my many influences in a casual, wearable way, to easily integrate my pieces with your unique style. The one of a kind jewels I create incorporate bits and pieces of vintage jewelry and findings. I believe in taking broken, discarded things from the ashes and giving them a new life. Reuse, recycle, repurpose.

From the Ashes Vintage Jewels Creating Modern Heirlooms With Edge – Antique and Vintage Inspired One of a Kind Creations



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Snooze Actors Guild Awards

ZZZZZzzzzzz…. Wow, I hung in there as long as I could last night. I’m not a big award show girl & I have a realllllllly short attention span, so the combo of a gazillion black and navy dresses and a ton of dry speeches does not make for an exciting night of tv, as far as I’m concerned. I watched the red carpet arrivals, and a little bit of the show. I finally had to change the channel at 8:43, and I feel like I deserve an award for lasting even that long! The SAG’s don’t usually garner as much attention as the Globes or of course the Oscars and it wasn’t even on a major network channel.  I had to go searching for it and realized maybe it was hidden for a reason!

As you can probably already tell I wasn’t too impressed with what I saw on the red carpet. So, there were a ton of black dresses, a ton of navy dresses, a couple of Ann Hathaway Golden Globe knock off’s and a few interesting jewelry moments for me.

My red carpet faves –

1- Busy Phillips –


Wearing a FANTASTIC Irene Neuwirth black opal necklace. The greenish, blue opals really popped against her black dress. If you happen to be near Barneys in NYC, take a min to check out their jewelry department, they have a great selection of Irene Neuwirth pieces.

2- Jessica Chastain –

Jessica Chastain

Total 1950’s hollywood glamour! Dripping with diamonds, in a Harry Winston waterfall styles diamond necklace, made up of round and pear shaped stones. This is what award shows are all about. I’m a sucker for a classic. There were a couple of other actresses that opted for a classic diamond look in a necklace as well, Jennifer Lawrence and Marion Cotillard.

3- Jane Krakowski –

I love the sherbet orange!!!! What a great color! But, I really liked her David Webb Jewelry. She wore a pair of classic Webb yellow gold, diamond cluster earrings and a really interesting yellow gold, coral bead and diamond bracelet.


4- Amanda Seyfried –

The beautiful, Lorraine Schwartz Art Deco style, light blue chalcedony and diamond pendant is on a long diamond chain. I love the look of a long necklace, especially on the red carpet, it lends a younger more casual look to the gown. It’s a piece that could also be worn with a tank and jeans.

Amanda Seyfried

5- Morena Baccarin –

This was an interesting look, because it was different. She wore long earrings, with a dark green cabachon stone drop and a jeweled lizard brooch in her hair, from Jacob the Jeweler.

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red Carpet

6 – Helen Hunt –

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Her Neil Lane jewels, were a little rock n’ roll, set with diamonds in an oxidized mounting. I loved the lacy, choker look and she also had on a great stack of oxidized, rose cut diamond, Indian style bangles to match.


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Bad Gift On Board

3d 2 push_button_for babyl

“Push” presents, God how I hate that term. It just conjures up a horrendous series of images in my head. How about the old standby – baby gift, that still works.

Anyway, I have a friend who’s expecting her third child. Her husband recently called asking my opinion on the push baby gift he planned to give her. A locket. Really, for the third time? Who needs three floral engraved lockets, and why does every guy think once a woman gets knocked up she suddenly losses all sense of who she is and morphs into some kind of mindless mommy drone who thinks yellow gold heart shaped lockets are the absolute height of fashion?

If he still insists on giving her yet another locket, I suggested something a hell of a lot more interesting, like the piece below. Now that is pretty freaking fantastic. An antique, 19c. Victorian gold locket with fringe and seed pearls. You can still stick a pic of the kid inside, but it’s got a bit of rock n’ roll edge and none of the other mommies will have the same one!

FringeNecklace When I worked at a high end estate jeweler on Madison ave, I was constantly and usually pretty successfully pushing the Dads- to- be in a more diamondy direction than a gold locket. Because I know, if another human being came out of me, all Alien style, I’d need a diamond about the size of an old school crystal doorknob.

If you enjoy my blog follow it & “like” my Facebook page – From The Ashes Vintage Jewels – oh, and if you need any jewelry gift shopping advice drop me a line, I’d be more than happy to offer my opinion –


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Buy My Jewelry


Welcome to super shameless promotion Thursday! So, I’ve been writing a blog about jewelry, what goes with what, different trends, observations, whatever. I didn’t start writing because I enjoy writing, because I’m particularly good at it or due to an overwhelming urge to tell the world what I think. Let’s be honest, when it really comes down to it, no one really cares what anyone else has to say.

I started my blog for one simple reason – to SELL JEWELRY, the jewelry collection that I design – From The Ashes Vintage Jewels. So far, the blog is getting more attention than the jewelry and incase you’re dying to check it out before you reach the bottom of this page – my Etsy store is – fromtheashesjewels(enter into search bar on Etsy website) or .

So, I’m done with subtlety. READ MY BLOG, if you enjoy it then FOLLOW IT, “LIKE” my Facebook Page (From The Ashes Vintage Jewels), check out my Etsy store, and while you’re there you can even BUY SOMETHING! Repeat this process often and make sure you tell all your friends to like my stuff too! Why stop there, then you can even post pictures of yourself wearing my jewelry and telling everyone how much you love it and don’t know how you lived so long without it!

I’m kidding….slightly

The website will be up soon and then you’ll have even more to keep yourself busy!

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Gloveless Wonder

Making my way to Grand Central this
morning for another arduous, but totally worth it trip to Hope Gallery in New Haven, my fingers started to freeze from the numbing cold, along with a few other body parts. Red, frozen fingers with bitten nails, quite a way to show off the massive onyx and white topaz ring I just had to wear today and that just wouldn’t fit under my gloves.

A hand model, I am not. But, regardless of whether or not you have beautiful hands and if a hang nail is a valid reason for you to call in sick to work or not, you still have to keep your digits warm, or do you?

If you’re a ring loving jewelry freak (and let’s be honest which woman isn’t), do you forgo the gloves and let your little piggies freeze or keep your cocktail rings on ice until spring rolls around?

Sure, you could wear fingerless gloves or those nifty little mittens with the flap that buttons down, or even glingers (gloveless fingers, just google it), but none of them really accomplish anything.

I vote for a glove/mitten hybrid with fingers and little velcroed “windows” that flip over to make room for your rings. Ok, there’s my idea, someone please feel free to steal it. I only design jewelry, maybe I’ll branch out to gloves at some point.


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Suntans and Sapphires


On this super cold January day, as I’m buried under multiple layers of down, thermal and whatever else I could throw on to walk my dogs, my mind is drifting off to warmer climes. Preferably one where I’m wearing only one layer, a bikini. But, the real question is, how to accessorize that bikini?A floppy hat, giant sunglasses, a stack of chunky bangles? Honestly, unless you’re a reality show star or an Italian heiress, don’t do it! But, that’s just one girl’s opinion.

bikini copy

The beach is probably the only place I don’t wear jewelry, other than the gym. I’m definitely more of a sit, read a book and watch the waves girl, rather than the beach volleyball type. But, it’s still a look I never rock, for a few reasons. What if I actually decide to venture in to the brownish green new york water, I’m hit by a wave and my jewelry washes away! I’d never be able to find it in that sludge!   Also, depending on the stones and what the piece is made of,  sunscreen and oil can leave a hard to remove residue, saltwater can be corrosive and sand can be very abrasive. In general I never recommend to even shower with jewelry on, but I’m a freak and baby all of my pieces.

So, save the jewelry for those outdoor beach bar cocktails at the end of the day!


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